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Visa Card

West Central Georgia Bank offers both Regular and Gold VISA. Email your request for an application today or pick one up at one of our three locations! VISA…It’s everywhere you want to be!!!

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Debit Cards

WCG Bank Debit Card

What is quicker than making a trip to the ATM, more convenient than writing a check, and much safer than carrying cash? The WCG Bank Debit Card.

The WCG Bank Debit card looks like a credit card but it works like a check, only faster and easier by directly withdrawing from your checking account. There is no credit involved, no interest charged and the transaction will appear on your monthly statement with the amount, date and location of where you made the purchase. This gives you the added benefit of easily tracking your spending.

No need to carry a checkbook or large sums of cash when you shop. You can use your WCG Bank Debit card everywhere MasterCard is accepted and at ATM’s worldwide. The Debit card is more widely accepted than checks, which makes it perfect for travel. You can also pay your monthly bills such as utility, phone, etc. without having to worry about remembering to pay them on time or having to buy stamps.

Take advantage of a faster, smarter, more convenient way to shop! Contact a customer service representative to order your WCG Bank Debit Card today.

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